Dixie Dregs Discography

  • 21 March at 20:00
  • Albany, US
  • Hart Theatre At The Egg
  • 22 March at 20:00
  • Munhall, US
  • Carnegie Library of Homestead

The first studio album under the title ‘The Great Spectacular’ by the hard-rock band Dixie Dregs (the band was originally called Dixie Grits) appeared in 1976.

As a matter of fact, this LP had the ambiguous impact on the whole development of jazz fusion genre, and the band itself became the pioneer of this certain part. In 1976, Dixie Grits turned into The Dixie Dregs, and the following year they signed a contract with the Phil's Walden Capricorn Records and made an excellent debut with the 'Free Fall' LP (1977). The distinctive sound of the Dixie Dregs was mainly based on their improvisation and instrumental skills, and big admiration by the style of The Allman Brothers Band.

Closer to the third studio album 'What If ...' (1978) Dave Morse was determined as the undisputed leader and the main author of the band. Over the next two years, the band actively worked on their next albums Night of the Living Dregs (1979), Dregs of the Earth (1980), Unsung Heroes (1981) and Industry Standard (1982). By the way,  all these albums supported the general jazz fusion style, and also received the Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental Performance many times.

The seventh studio album "Full Circle" in 1994 became the last opus on the Dixie Dregs' account, after which in their creativity began significant break. To a large extent, this was due to the fact that Steve Morse was invited to the Deep Purple band. Nevertheless, in 2000 the guitarist managed to find time for "Dixie Dregs" and together with his colleagues recorded a live album "California Screamin".

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