All Tours Record

  • 21 March at 20:00
  • Albany, US
  • Hart Theatre At The Egg
  • 22 March at 20:00
  • Munhall, US
  • Carnegie Library of Homestead

For the first time, the hard rock band Dixie Dregs (then called Dixie Grit) first came out to the general public with a grand tour, presenting their third studio album ‘What If’ in 1978.

Subsequent years for the group were marked by the grueling touring schedule, which promoted their new albums that came out one by one: Night of the Living Dregs (1979), Dregs of the Earth (1980), Unsung Heroes (1981), and Industry Standard (1982). For each of these albums, Dixie Dregs received the Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Then their activity slightly decreased and the final tour for Dixie Dregs was 'Bring 'Em Back Alive' in 1992.

Subsequently, Dixie Dregs stopped working, as Steve Morse began to be a guitarist at Deep Purple band. After that, the band occasionally gathered for short performances and recordings of live albums, but no large-scale tours were planned. For over 15 years, the group kept silent, although they did not cease to be less popular. Accordingly, in 2018, the long-awaited return of the legendary masters of the jazz-rock fusion is scheduled for a grand tour with the title 'Dawn of the Dregs Tour' in 2018. Consequently, the old fans, as well as the young ones can meet their favorite band.

Dixie Dregs Tour Record

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